Gabe Kapler, Hired and Fired Up

Former Red Sock and guy-I-used-to-see-at-synagogue Gape Kapler is the newest manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, and he’s already making quite an impression.

In his first presser with the Phillies on Thursday, Kapler was fired up. He seemed pretty confident, and passionately declared that it’s time to “bring that effing trophy back to John Middleton (principal owner of the Phillies).”

As a member of the 2004 Red Sox, Kapler has reason to sound confident about making dreams come true. As a first-time manager and 54th manager of the oldest continuous franchise in the entire MLB – they’ve been the Philadelphia Phillies since 1883 – he might want to get to work. The Phillies have only won two championships ever, in 1980 and 2008.

Despite only managing one season in the Minors, Kapler is thought to be a progressive thinker, the kind of mind the Phillies need if they want to have a chance of competing with hot young teams like the Astros and Yankees. He has the advantage of player experience while still being young enough to adapt to the changing landscape of the sport, two mindsets he says he’ll combine in his first managerial role: “We’re going to think traditionally, and we’re going to think progressively.” It’ll be interesting to see how Kapler runs the league’s oldest team in this new analytical age of baseball.


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