Twitter is Saying Houston Fans Sacrificed Deshaun Watson to Win the World Series

It’s been a weird couple week for me. Writing about baseball teams that aren’t my own, writing about football players?! But it’s the off-season, and girl’s gotta keep busy.

So when I was mindlessly scrolling through my Twitter timeline just now, I knew this tweet was the perfect way to close out a week of World Series coverage:

“I love Deshaun but absolutely” – Twitter guy/possible sadistic psychic

First of all, dude, you missed a comma. As editor-in-chief of this fine site, grammatical errors annoy me to no end.

And as funny as this tweet might be to some people, the Texans have an incredible rookie QB who is now out for the season. That’s just plain heart-breaking. Not everyone is a baseball fan, and Houston has had a tough past few months. I’m sure a lot of Texans fans were hoping for the same kind of miracle Astros fans witnessed this week come February.

I’m not saying this kid has superpowers or can predict the future or whatever, but what a stone-cold, creepy coincidence. Maybe even creepier than that Sports Illustrated cover from 2014. They say everything’s bigger in Texas? Apparently, everything’s crazier, too.


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