Patrice Evra, What are you doing?

If you haven’t already heard about Patrice Evra, I’m about to tell you. The former Leftback for Manchester United and Juventus, currently starting for Marseille in Ligue 1, is now suspended and possibly jobless after his actions towards a fan, A MARSEILLE FAN. Evra was involved in an altercation with his team and several fans at the barrier blocking the field and the stands. Evra decided to go behind the team and pop up on a fan, not trying to punch the fan like a normal fucking person would do in a fight, but karate kick the fan in the head.

Evra has always been in the hot seat and disliked by many, being well-known for his actions as the French National Team captain back in 2010, where he almost fought the coach and was kicked off the field. Patrice Evra is not only known for the altercation with the coach, but for his Instagram, where many people actually find him funny and like him.

After this stunt that he pulled on a fan, I can’t see him being able to join the first team again at Marseille, and will affect the possibility of him joining another big team again. At the age of 36, it is already hard for him to try and join a huge club, just because of his age, let alone karate kicking the fuck out of a fan. The fans won’t even allow Evra to join the first team again, after holding up a sign at the game mostly telling Evra to fuck himself.

“You thought you were bigger than the club and fans. We don’t want you in our colours. Fuck off, Evra.”



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