Views of the NFL from the 603: Bye Week

Every year, I try to plan a trip or an event around this week. A Bye Week has to happen, but you are never really ready for it. You try to hope that it will somehow not happen but each year.

Okay, so it’s not as bad as I made it out to seem. Although the Patriots did not play, it feels like they got better this bye week. Watching the NFL without the Patriots really makes you appreciate what we have here. The team is 6-2, but you would think that they were winless the way we have bitched about the offense, defense, kicking game, bad offseason moves, bad in-season moves (trading JIMMY G) it could be worse.

This week, we saw the Bills lose to the Jets, the Chiefs lose to the Cowboys, Houston lost to the Colts and the Broncos got humiliated. All this leads to say that it looks like once again it will come down to the Steelers and Patriots in the AFC, still have some time to see if any other teams emerge but from the junk I saw this past weekend, I doubt it.

The NFC is just so much more exciting with teams like the Saints, Rams, Seahawks, Panthers, Eagles, and Vikings any one of those teams look like the favorite in any given week. I still think the Seahawks will be the last team standing, but honestly, the NFC playoffs will be great to watch. The Broncos are up next, and it’s never easy to get a win against them, but I think the Patriots will still pull off a win… NEW WEEK, NEW HOPE



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