Bruins get a Winter Classic redemption 

In recent news for the far-off future, the Boston Bruins will be in another Winter Classic in 2019. They will be facing the always-tough Chicago Blackhawks at Notre Dame stadium. More information will come in, but many are already excited about this game.

The Bruins get a redemption game after the disgusting display they want to call a game against Montreal in Tom Brady’s house. This game next year will be the Bruins 2nd in 4 years and the Blackhawks 2nd in 3 years. It really seems that the NHL is trying to keep the Winter Classic in a big market so they can keep the numbers high. Many thought this game was going to be later in the future when both franchises are contenders but it seems the NHL wants to do it sooner rather than later.

The Blackhawks are still going to be contenders next year, there’s no doubt about that, but the question is, will the Bruins? The Bruins have a lot of young talent that could break through this year or next. With Charlie Mcavoy, Jake Debrusk, Anders Bjork, Brandin Carlo and JFK they could be building a nice young team. Let’s not forget about Bergeron, Marchand, Pasta, Krug, and Krejci who is the core of the team. The Bruins could make it competitive next year with the Blackhawks but it really matters how the young ones play out. Mcavoy and Carlo already look like studs but now they need some help on the offensive end to complement the defense.

Look, it’s not gonna be easy for the Bruins to build up to Blackhawk level, but it can be done. We have some time to wait and see how the “kids” develop for next year. Let’s hope for another title run soon, and maybe a big statement win against the Blackhawks on January 1st, 2019 after the disgrace that was on January 1st, 2016 against Montreal.


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