Is Kyrie Irving the Way-Too-Early MVP?

Last night the Boston Celtics beat the Los Angles Lakers, winning their tenth in a row. The Celtics have the best record in the NBA, and are arguably the best team out there early on this season. They are playing great team ball, but all the roads lead back to the heightened play of Kyrie Irving this season. Kyrie has told a fan he can “suck his dick,” and anyone can suck mine too if they don’t think he’s MVP.

This almost can start like the Westbrook-Harden talk last year. Giannis Antetokounmpo has played phenomenal this season so far and if keeps this up, he has a serious chance at MVP, but the Celtics are the better team right now and are playing better basketball and Kyrie is leading that charge. Kyrie’s numbers have slightly decreased in points, but he is taking one less FG so far this year compared to last. The Boston guards seem like they’re having defensive competition, seeing who can get the most steals. Kyrie’s steal numbers have almost doubled since last year. He’s averaging 22 points so far this year, that number is likely to go up. In every win so far the year, Kyrie has a positive plus-minus and even in losses, the negative rating hasn’t dropped below a minus 2. He has scored 20 or more in 9 of the Celtics’ 12 games so far. Kyrie is on pace to have one of, if not his best statistical seasons yet.

It’s still early, but Kyrie has already also shown he is able to be his own leader and put all his critics’ claims to bed. I’m nowhere near saying LeBron isn’t valuable to any team, but it seems, as of now, no one was appreciative of Kyrie’s value until now. Kryie has been able to come into a new system and show he’s a veteran leader who’s more than capable of putting a team on his back and taking them to the promise land. The first game of the season, Gordan Hayward went down for the year and it seemed the Celtics would struggle. It seems they have only gotten stronger. Kyrie is a major part of that. He has told this team to strengthen themselves and they have now relied on each other heavily. Kyrie has the most value in the league of any player to a certain team. I know in recent years it seems the MVP has gone to a better statistical player, but if we look at who has the most value, the MVP  has to go to Kyrie Irving.


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