Boston Red Sox

Mookie Betts Bowled a Perfect Game Last Night

Well, at least someone on the Red Sox made it to the World Series. But yes, you read that correctly: bowled. Mookie Betts bowled a 300 in the World Series of Bowling, which I didn’t even know was a thing.

I’m not one of these fans who gets all upset when I see players enjoying their off-season. I’m definitely not Jimmy Fallon’s friends in Fever Pitch, who can’t believe their eyes when they see Red Sox players eating after losing a big game, as if starvation will help them improve. But this year, I am that person a little bit, because the 2017 Red Sox were so unenjoyable and disappointing. I probably used the words inconsistent, frustrating, and weird about fifty times. So when I see one of our players kicking ass at another sport, it pisses me off a little bit, because it’s like, ‘why are you so good at this, but you were so bad at baseball?’ Especially when said player led the team with 24 homers (not a great number, in case you were wondering) and the team finished dead last in the league for homers. It’s like a constant reminder of the talent these guys have, and this waste of a season we just witnessed. Stop rubbing it in, Mook.

The last Red Sox player to play a perfect game was Jon Lester on May 19, 2008, against the Kansas City Royals. Of course, that was in the sport he’s supposed to be good at. So yes, it’s really impressive that Mookie can bowl a perfect game. It’s even more impressive that he says he’s done it ten or more times. But you don’t get paid to bowl. You get paid to play baseball. So I hope you’re working on getting better at that this winter.

Am I a little salty? Clearly. Is it worth being upset over? Probably not. But it’s the off-season, and until Dave Dombrowski gives me a few brand-new reasons to be excited about my team, this is going to be my mood.


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