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Packers Win First Game Without Rodgers, What’s Next?

Backup quarterback Brett Hundley threw for 212 and a touchdown but none better than his big 3rd and 10 conversion with just over 2 minutes left to Davante Adams to seal the game for the Packers.

That throw had everyone in Wisconsin very giddy, anticipating what is going to be the biggest four weeks of the Packers season thus far. With Rodgers possible return coming in Week 15, these next four games are going to determine if it is worth bringing back the franchise QB or to have him sit the rest of the year. With Green Bay just one game behind the NFL Playoff picture, they need to stay close if they want to see #12 back this year.

Next week the Pack play at Lambeau against the very inconsistent and disappointing Ravens. I think if Brett Hundley plays like he did against Chicago and the defense can keep Flacco in check, this should be another W – getting them to 6-4 on the season.  Week 12 will be by far the hardest test for this Packers team without Rodgers as they go into Pittsburgh to play the #1 seeded AFC team right now.  The Steelers have definitely looked beatable at times but I think this is a huge ask to have Hundley and a banged up defense go into Pittsburgh and beat one of the best teams in the NFL.  Then they catch a break in Week 13 and 14 playing the struggling Buccaneers at home and then going to Cleveland to play the worst team in the NFL.  The question is, if they can go 3-1 during these next four weeks to get to 8-5 and Rodgers continues to make improvements, what’s next?

I think if the Packers can win three out of four here in the next month then you will indeed see #12 back on the field for the playoff push.  Those three games look to be much tougher at Carolina, home against the 7-2 Vikings and at Detroit.  If the Packers are indeed in the Wild Card spot or close to it then the only chance to definitely make it will be if Rodgers is out there doing Discount Double Checks all over the field.

Another year, more playoff drama for Green Bay.  Just get us in the door and I will be very happy to see what Rodgers can do (again)!

*Photo courtesy of USA Today


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