The Patriots destroyed the Broncos and left them and their season for dead. Head coach Vance Joseph looks lost on the sidelines, and one wonders how long Elway can stick with him before heading down there and coaching this cast of stiffs that he assembled in the offseason.

The most interesting game of the weekend slate saw Atlanta humbling the Elliot-less Dallas Cowboys 27-7. The Falcons had been struggling, but got going against this Cowboys unit that looked like a lottery team without their star running back, who is out on a six-game domestic violence suspension. Falcon DE Adrian Claiborne was held to only six sacks on the day; that’s right, just six; leaving one to wonder if the Cowboys played without any guards for the afternoon, or if Claiborne drank a keg full of horse tranquilizers for breakfast.   I can understand giving up multiple sacks to a stiff, but once he gets to say – let me pull a number out of my ass – four, doesn’t some sort of discussion take place on the sideline about possibly impeding his progress?

Lastly, we have the Seattle Seahawks who are struggling to get much of anything going and somehow keep winning by the smallest of margins. I didn’t like the trade of a cornerback for Duane Brown, as it left them thin at corner and didn’t really solve the O line problem, as they are a sieve on both sides. Brown is fat, he’s not “covering both sides of the line” fat. Then Brown left the Arizona game with an ankle injury; which should heal nicely with a mere 320 pounds pressing down on it with every step.  Then a bit later in the game, Richard Sherman blew his Achilles, leaving them thin at the very position they just traded a player. So what do the Seahawks do? They try to relive the past and bring in former Legion of Boomer Byron Maxwell, a player who couldn’t find playing time in Miami. We are close to sticking a fork in this team, just waiting for one more injury or a massive sideline meltdown. Stay tuned.

Off the field, NFL league commis$ioner Roger Greedell is making news, as someone leaked the demands of his new contract. According to a source, Greedell is begging for $49.5 million per year, the lifetime use of a private plane, and lifetime health insurance for his family. It shows just how small and petty this guy is. Health insurance for his family is quite the stipulation when you’re at the table discussing a 20-million-dollar raise. What kind of man even thinks of such trivial costs when they’re playing hardball for 1/20th of a billion in cash? I’m surprised this skinflint didn’t toss in a request for free Papa John’s pizzas delivered to his house every Sunday, with the NFL owners picking up the delivery tip. Free plane? Why not go all in, ask for an entire airline: Delta, Jet Blue, American, whatever floats your boat. Then go all out with a final request and get yourself placed in the Cowboy Ring of Honor. The ring is reserved for players and officials who have made contributions to the franchise, and by the end of this season, no one will have made a bigger contribution to the team’s final record than Roger Greedell.

In week 11, look for the Patriots to humble the Raiders, with Gronk getting multiple TD’s, Adrian Claiborne staying stuck on 8 sacks despite Seattle’s crummy O line, and the Chargers to notch a meaningless win against the Bills.



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