Stanton to the Sox Would Allow Two Groups to Make a Lot of Money… But NOT in a Way You’d Think

If the ‘Stanton to the Sox’ rumors haven’t already gotten you absolutely fired up about next baseball season, then the idea of Stanton vs. Judge in division games about 30 to 40 times in a season definitely should. But what I want to talk about today is something nobody has talked about thus far and I believe it needs to be addressed. This article will be documented here with a date and time stamp, so if my idea gets taken, this is proof that I deserve credit for it.

If you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing a baseball game played at Wrigley Field or seen one on television, you’d know that their surrounding community has made famous the roof deck seating which provides a great view of a game even without a ticket to the game itself. Sitting on a roof deck for a Cubs game is a tremendous experience, and has become one with the Cubs fans and the community surrounding Wrigley.

With that idea in mind, assuming Stanton was to be traded to the Sox, imagine if the parking garage across the street from Fenway on Landsdowne St. was to be built up a few more levels to exceed the height of the Green Monster, leaving the entire top floor of the garage for roof deck sitting. Imagine getting to see a game right across the street from America’s Most Beloved Ballpark with an even HIGHER vantage point than the Green Monster. Aside from Hanley, Stanton would be the first POWER right-handed hitter to play at Fenway since the greatest to ever do it, Manny Ramirez. And we all remember how often Manny’s bombs landed in that parking lot – a few were even hit over it.

If the Red Sox and Fenway were able to work with the owners of the garage to make this possible, it would provide a huge potential to make tons of money for both parties involved. But remember where you heard this idea from first. If someone goes off and tries running with it this article is my proof. Hear me, Red Sox Front Office: I won’t ask for much in return. Just some tickets to some Sox-Yankees games up on the new roof and a small percentage of what you make off of the seats in the first couple of seasons. Not asking much. Seems fair to me.

Let’s work together on this one. Help me help you. Most importantly, GO SOX! Bring it home in 2018 boys!

-Mikey T


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