LeBron’s Next Destination Can Cement His Legacy

The time of year has come yet again when the LeBron talk shifts to where he’ll go next season. It’s still early in the season, but whenever he is in the final year of his contract, the discussion lasts the whole season. You can argue that LeBron is the best player of all time, but if he makes this team change, it can really prove once and for all how good he really is.

If LeBron wants to prove he is the best ever, he should leave Cleveland at the end of the season and join a Western Conference team. The likely destination for him is the Lakers, which has already been the talk for a good amount of time.¬†It doesn’t exactly have to be the Lakers, but if LeBron really wants to elevate himself, he should go to a team that has young talent around him, and a team that needs him.

LeBron has been dominating the Eastern Conference for years, but it’s a very weak conference. He hasn’t had to deal with the constant competition that the West has; it would be very interesting to see how LeBron would play in the West, on a regular basis, with teams 1-8 that can compete. If he truly wants the legacy he thinks he deserves, he should leave Cleveland¬†to finish this conversation once and for all. If King James can last the whole season competing against the top teams like the Warriors, Rockets, and Thunder, for 3 or 4 games in a season series, on top of a playoff series in such a tough conference, he’ll be able to prove why he is the best ever. There will be no doubt if he can best his toughest competitors in that arena.

This would be a HUGE challenge for LeBron, but nothing worth having comes easily. If he wants to prove why he should be considered the best (instead of just talking about it), then he should go to the West, and play the top superstar talent for 3 or 4 games a season, against the Warriors, Rockets, and Thunder.


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