British People are Complete Twats About the Cold

Here to vent some frustrations, it is currently December 5th and the high today in London, where I am for 10 more days, was 50 degrees. I was wearing my Rangers hockey jersey, khakis, and a ball cap and was quite warm actually. But I walk out of my building to see people with beanies, scarves, and thick ass peacoats with their arms crossed like they’re trying to conserve their body heat. WHY?!

As anyone in the Northeast of the United States can tell you, if it’s 50 degrees in December, you break out the fucking shorts.

So there I am walking down the street, getting sideways looks because I’m not wearing a coat. THEN I get into class and my British professor asks, “Are you ok?” I say, “Yeah, of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” and he responded with, “You’re not wearing a jacket while it’s freezing out. You either have the flu or you’re crazy!” I laugh then sit down concealing my very slight rage behind my smile.

God forbid it ACTUALLY gets below freezing here. I wonder what would happen to these English people. I like to think they’d turn into ice statutes when they walk outside. Because if they can’t seem to stand between 40 and 50-degree temperatures, everything must stop when it gets below that.

Don’t even mention snow. If it snows for 5 minutes, it’s all they talk about for days. A dusting of snow happens in London? They shut all the airports down.

Or, like in the biggest and best city in the world, New York City, (@ me on Twitter, you British fucks) when it’s below freezing and it snows, nothing changes and everything happens like normal.

10 more fucking days until I’m back, goddamn I miss America.


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One comment on “British People are Complete Twats About the Cold”
  1. Nolo says:

    Sounds chilly mate. It’s 85 here in Ft. Lauderdale today. Call someone a wanker. The natives love it. It’s a compliment 👍

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