Is Steph Curry Really the Best Shooter of All Time?


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But in all seriousness, Steph Curry is like no other man to ever touch a basketball. The stuff he does shooting wise is what kids do when they create a player in 2K and max out all the stats. Even then, he’s doing shit you can’t do in video games. Stephen Curry is the best shooter to ever pick up a basketball and I will go to war with anyone who disagrees.

Steph earlier this week hit his 2,000th three-pointer and is now the quickest player to ever do it. By a mile. Damn near 300 games less than anyone else. Just to have a look at how good he is, NBA TV showed this graphic.

This shit doesn’t even make sense. He’s within 1,000 three’s of the record and had 700 games to do it. “Oh, if he makes one every game, he won’t break it. He’ll make 0 some games.” Okay, but he’s averaging three and half three’s per game and for a full season managed to hit 5 a game. One more crazy stat; an NBA player has averaged 3.5 threes made per game for a full season only five times. Steph is responsible for 4 of those 5 seasons. “Okay, but he’ll never be as efficient as guys like Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.” Steph’s best two seasons are more accurate than Ray’s. And for Miller? Only 2 of Steph’s full seasons are worse than his best. Yeah. Reggie Miller’s best season percentage wise is mediocre at best for Curry.

Those are just numbers at face value. There is much more behind those numbers that you can only see by watching the games. Many guys on that list of three-point shooters are known as “spot-up” guys. Steph is anything but. No one ever has been able to do the stuff he’s done with a ball and shoot this high of a percentage. Steph has the ball on the string with handles very rarely seen. Add that to the fact that Curry can hit from anywhere over half court, it wouldn’t surprise me if Stephen Curry goes down in NBA history as one of the best offensive weapons ever.

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