Netflix Being ‘Big Brother’ is the Most Creepy Yet Funny Thing You’ll See

Out of all streaming services, Netflix social media presence is second to none. They are, on Twitter, the Wendy’s of TV. Netflix won’t hold back on the dankest of memes and put out there own running the hype of Stranger Things 2. Netflix takes care of their viewers and occasionally asks “are you still there?” It’s a nice touch but no one ever thought they had this type of Big Brother-like capability.

Relax, Netflix. First off, I don’t want to hear any noise about the Christmas Prince. It’s a great movie. What’s the problem? People are freaking out over Netflix creeping on everyone’s watch history. Honestly, people need to be more freaked out that 53 people, 5 3. The size of a football team, have watched the same movie every day for 18 straight days. The question isn’t “who hurt you?” it’s “who do you talk to?” If my friend watches the same movie for damn near three weeks, there are two possible outcomes. A.) we’re no longer friends or B.) I’m dragging his ass straight into the asylum. If they’re watching it every day, they better know Ben Lamb’s lines better than he does. And of course, like any other viral trend on Twitter, the people had their own takes.

And of course, people are still hurt at the Netflix price bump.

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