Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Mets Fans!


We’ve all heard that term at least once in our lifetime. It’s defined as someone who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or the faults of others. The term has been used in all facets of life, with sports being one of the biggest sources.

The New York Mets are often a laughingstock in the baseball community, which usually results from their reluctance to spend money like the big market team that they are. When the fans and the media want answers regarding this reluctance, the first person they turn to is the general manager.

Enter Sandy Alderson, who constantly has Mets fans bashing their heads against the wall due to his comments about the status of the team. Just recently, he made remarks on how little the team plans on spending this offseason. He even quipped that the Mets didn’t need Giancarlo Stanton when they already have Brandon Nimmo in right field. Very funny Sandy.

While Mets Twitter begins to go up in flames due to the inevitable underwhelming offseason that will be, the fans need to stop and remind themselves that Sandy Alderson is not the one to blame here. Rather, he is merely the scapegoat for the unpopular ownership group led by Fred and Jeff Wilpon.

If you’re going to be mad at anyone for another poor Mets offseason, it should undoubtedly be the Wilpons. Ultimately, they hold the checkbook, not Alderson. They are the ones who decided to dump all of the Mets veterans this past season for pennies on the dollar just to save a buck. They are the source of your misery.

While I know Alderson would never irresponsibly spend left and right, I firmly believe that he would make the Mets a more competitive team if he was given even a shred of financial flexibility. Instead, he has little to work with and that leads to the signing of retreads and third-tier free agents. Sandy is doing the best that he can here.

Alderson is merely the messenger in all of this misery. I give him credit for telling us honestly what the state of the team is without taking shots at his cheap bosses. Don’t shoot the messenger here, Mets fans. Sandy’s comments might irk you from time to time, but focus that anger on the Wilpons. Until they sell this team, the Mets will forever be a mediocre big market team with a small market mentality.


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