Why the Sox Offseason Isn’t as Bad as it Seems

Yes, the only thing the Boston Red Sox have done with their off-season is signing Mitch Moreland, but take a look at the offseason as a whole before you judge. The market got off to a very slow start thanks to the Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani taking a while to land in a place. The Angels and Yankees have been busy but other than them, nobody has been particularly active. Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish haven’t decided on their landing spots yet, Eric Hosmer and JD Martinez are still on the board, and Manny Machado is likely staying put in Baltimore after all.

The move that the Red Sox made in Mitch Moreland isn’t a bad move at all. An underrated player from last year with a decent batting average and over 20 home runs, Moreland brings a lot to the team. He is a clear defensive upgrade over Hanley Ramirez, and at certain times last year, particularly towards the end of the season, he was stronger offensively as well. The Sox didn’t need to overpay for Eric Hosmer to bring in a solid first baseman.

Granted, this opinion could be completely changed as the off-season goes on. As more free agents go off the board and the Sox remain silent, their off-season won’t be viewed as a success, but it’s too soon to freak out about the Sox off-season.


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