Kurt Warner’s Son Takes a Shot at His Own Dad

Imagine having your own son say that you weren’t the greatest of all-time. I don’t care who you are: usually, your son is going to think the world of you. Well apparently for Kurt Warner, that’s not the case and it’s actually kind of funny.

Kurt Warner took to twitter the other day to express what had just happened to him in his own home. He was walking around probably and came across his son working on homework but on his computer screen was an article on none other than Tom Brady. So, naturally, Warner asked his son, “You doing a project on Tom Brady?” He got what might be the most truthful, savage response of all time. His son says, “no, I’m writing a paper on the greatest quarterback of all time.”

Not only does this kid have a big pair to be able to say that to his own dad, who was a pretty good NFL quarterback himself, he is also probably the smartest kid in his class, because he realizes who the greatest of all time is. He better get an A+ on that paper.

Imagine being Kurt Warner in this situation, though. Your own son turns on you in a way and says another quarterback is better than you. Well, they always say the truth hurts and in this case, that is probably most definitely true.

The statement may have hurt Kurt Warner’s feelings (probably not though) but that kid is one smart son-of-a-gun.


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