Johnny Manziel Cleared For CFL, Money SZN Is Upon Us Once Again

I almost shit myself when news broke that Johnny Football could be playing again as soon as next year. It still beyond wrong he isn’t on an NFL roster. I am never one for any Johnny Manziel slander so don’t even try and sit there and tell me that Manziel can’t outdo Blake “sorry excuse of a quarterback” Bortles or Tyrod “noodle arm” Taylor. No, I’m sorry. That is neither here nor there and I’ll try and relax my Johnny chub. But doesn’t it just feels so right?

Johnny Football is to football what Tiger is to golf solely┬ábased on that fact that you can’t not root for those guys. It isn’t hard to predict what is about to happen north of the border, either. Manziel is going to eat the whole league for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the CFL, these are the guys who aren’t good enough for the big leagues. And Johnny is big league talent. I expect nothing less of a Texas A&M rebirth. This is like if Klay Thompson were to compete in a high school three-point contest. In a perfect world, Johnny’s going to ball out, make it rain money somewhere, NFL scouts are going to realize how bad they fucked up, try and sign him, but somehow Robby Kraft and the boys already got him under contract. That’s the perfect world.

In all seriousness, I hope Johnny Manziel does good. I hope he shuts all the critics up who said he would never be able to play again. I want him to bring the actual football back to “Johnny Football.” No matter what he does, he’ll never lose me as a fan. So best believe I’m ready to pay whatever amount of money Comcast wants so I’m able to watch Manziel play every week. I already preordered the CFL Manziel jersey. I’m ready.


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