If You Like Crude Humor, This Show On Netflix is For You

Netflix seems to be loaded with great shows that can be binged on a rainy day, or just watched when you feel like relaxing with your friends. I have recently done this with my friends, watching this hilarious show that almost everyone can relate to. Big Mouth is a show for the ones who just absolutely love crude humor, and can relate to almost everything in this show.

Big Mouth is about two middle school boys going through puberty, who begin to notice changes with their lives. The stage of puberty is represented by the Hormone Monster, yes, its called the Hormone Monster, which narrates everything that happens to them having to do with puberty, which is quite often. There is a teacher in the show named Coach Steve, who is a gym teacher that seems to be a little sketchy, but no one in the show can pick up on his strange ways, well actually I lied, its very obvious how weird he is and everyone notices it. This show if filled with hilarious jokes, and the actions and sayings that the characters have, are just down right, laugh out loud hilarious.

I have never seen a show like this. The only other movie I could think about that was like this was Sausage Party, which is obviously filled with crude humor. Big Mouth is an absolute masterpiece, and the creator of the show, Jordan Peele, who voices almost every character, makes you think of the times back in middle school where all of this craziness happened. I give this show a 20/10 and “it dont mean no never mind to me” what you have to say about it. Just because I can relate to it and how absurd it is, I stand by my rating. The only way you can get away with this kind of show is making it animated, and towards the end of the series, that’s what they say.

I seriously recommend this show if you haven’t watched it yet. I don’t think I will ever find another show like this.

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