Marchy Gets In, But the Rest Get Unlucky

In the new NHL All-Star format you knew that players were going to get screwed. Tampa has the most all players in the Atlantic and technically they have 5 all stars including their coach.

Marchy is the only Bruin represent the black and gold in the all star game and it is well deserved. He is tied for the teams lead in goals with 17. He’s also got 23 assists which tally’s to 40 points in only 32 games. He’s also got a plus minus of plus 19, which is second on the team only behind Bergy. This team has been on fire since his return and he clearly deserves to be in this game. He has had 23 points in the past 32 games.

Now moving on to the players that should/could have gotten in but the format is funky so they got screwed. Starting with Patrice Bergeron. Bergy is the Bruins most consistent and probably the most important player in this team. He constantly gets overlooked as an offensive player but he leads the team in plus minus with a plus 20. He also is in second on the team with 16 goals. People usually only see his defensive side but he plays a whole 200 foot game. This team was sputtering on offense without him and then when he came back he was able to propel them into second in the division. With him and mostly everyone healthy the Bruins they could be one of the best teams in the league with one of the best first lines.

Also on that first line and who should have gotten in is David Pastrnak. Pasta is tied with Marchy for the team lead in the goals. He isn’t the best on the defensive side but his goal scoring ability makes up it. He has a plus 5 rating and his creativity make him one of the most exciting playing in the league to watch. A reason he could have been snubbed is that he turns the puck over quite a bit but with a center-man like Bergy on his line it doesn’t really lead to any goals.

After a poor first couple of weeks Tuukka Rask has come roaring back. He hasn’t lost in regular time in 15 plus games. Rask is with the league leaders in his goals against average with a stellar 2.23. He also has a better save percentage than the guy they picked over him in the all star game, Carey Price. Tuukka beats Price with a .920 save percentage while Prices numbers are 2.89 and .911. Yes I would love to see Rask in these games but he needs the rest since he been on a tear for a while now.

Lastly there is the long shot Charlie McAvoy. He is one of the team leaders in time on ice along with the grizzled veteran Chara. All the defensemen who got taken over him definitely deserve to be in the games and there will be more all star chances for this kid to come. He is only 20 years old and he has some of the best numbers for defensemen in the division. He has 5 goals, is a plus 14 and has 16 assists. He has played every game this year and hopefully he and the other stars stay healthy with this extra break that some of the best players don’t get.


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