Lance Stephenson, Forever in LeBron’s Head

If there is one player in the NBA who can get under LeBron’s skin, completely change up his game, and turn him into a 10-year-old girl, it’s Lance Stephenson. For years now, the Lance vs. LeBron rivalry has grown, and each time they meet up, you can expect a scuffle between them. Lance Stephenson is always the guy the team expects to guard LeBron and to take him out of his element.

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LeBron always tries to act like he is unfazed, but as we saw from the Cavaliers versus Pacers game on Friday night, finishing in a 97-95 victory for the Pacers, Stephenson was definitely in his head. LeBron ended up shoving Stephenson in the upper body, turning into Stephenson playing harder defense and causing LeBron to lose the ball, which then turned into LeBron trying to shove the referee off of him. It turns into a downward spiral when Stephenson gets in his head. Even after LeBron stepped out of bounds, Stephenson was still trying to rattle Lebron by taking the ball from him.

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We have seen LeBron get upset with players before, like Marcus Smart, who tried to fight LeBron, Draymond Green calling LeBron a “bitch,” which turned into LeBron being one by having to take it to social media and trying to explain how he is a family man and shouldn’t be called that, also Draymond Green just absolutely going at it with LeBron that 2016 Finals series, Jokim Noah, Shawn Marion, Rajon Rondo, all calling LeBron a “bitch,” and Enes Kanter beefing with LeBron this season. But none of those players were never able to get into his head like Stephenson can.

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I love Lance Stephenson for the sole reason that he can get into the head of arguably the greatest player of all time. Each time I hear Lebron is going against Lance, I make an effort to watch it, just to see Lance be petty and try his hardest to get under LeBron’s skin.

If you can name a player who can get under LeBron’s skin like Lance does, I wanna hear who, because I have never seen anyone else do it as well as Lance.

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