Can Marcus Williams Overcome His Buckner Moment?

It was an easy play. A play most professionals would make with relative ease. A play that this player has made multiple times in his career, and this time, for some reason, he didn’t. Am I talked about Marcus Williams or Bill Buckner? I guess it depends where you’re from and who you root for.

Ask any Red Sox fan and they’ll tell you that the 1986 World Series still haunts them. Not just because they lost, but because, without a simple play that should have been routine, they probably would’ve won. The big losses always stick with you, but when the loss comes from a terrible play from one of your players instead of a great play from an opponent, it always seems to stick a little bit more. Buckner’s career was never the same. He struggled mightily for the Sox in 1987, and was released mid year. He bounced around for a few years, but he was in the twilight of his career, and was never really the same. Then there’s Billy Cundiff. After missing the potential game tying field goal in the AFC Championship game, he never played another snap for the Ravens. He was cut by the team after the 2011 season, and he was never able to be a full time kicker for another team.

The Vikings and their fans actually understand what the Saints are going through as well. Blair Walsh missed a game winning 27 yard field goal with 26 seconds left to lose a playoff game against the Seahawks. He was brought back for the 2016 season, but after struggling most of the year, was cut by the Vikings. He played for the Seahawks in 2017 and, after a decent year, again missed a potential game winning field goal that would’ve sent them to the playoffs. Only time will tell if Walsh will ever fully recover from his awful playoff miss. If not, he’ll be just another player unable to overcome that one unforgettable play.

Marcus Williams had a good rookie season, and looked like he was heading towards what could have been a promising career. I’m hoping that he will be able to break the trend, and overcome his terrible play, but history, unfortunately, is not on his side.

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