Wicked Funny Fan Reactions from a Wild NFL Sunday

WOW! This past NFL Sunday was definitely one for the history books. What a way to wrap up the 2018 Divisional Round of the playoffs. We saw David beat Goliath when the Jags rolled over the Steelers, and as if that wasn’t enough, how about a last-second 60-yard touchdown from the Vikings to beat the Saints in a thriller of a game?! After a very boring Saturday consisting of the Falcons choking (shocker) and the Patriots absolutely murdering the Titans, Sunday was a day of straight fireworks.

But I’m not here to recap these games; you can go to ESPN or whatever to see that. I just want to show the awesome fan reactions from this past Sunday. Good or bad, these reactions are equally hilarious. I don’t think there have ever been two more polar opposite reactions than those on my Twitter feed. So without further adieu, here are the best and worst fan reactions of the weekend.

The Good: Jacksonville Jaguars

Look at these guys. It’s so cute how happy they are to be in the AFC Championship. I love how they think that they are going to take down Tom Brady. Hey, by all means, let them have their moment, because they haven’t been to this game since 1999, while the Pats reach the AFC Championship for the seventh straight year. *yawn* Have a fun week on top, Jags Nation, but I’m here to tell you, this past Sunday was your Super Bowl.

P.S. This is possibly the worst rhythm I have ever heard chanted. They’re rushing it so much. Just bothers the crap out of me.

The Bad: Pittsburgh Steelers

This is actually the video that inspired me to write this article. Can someone check on this guy? It is an absolutely laugh-out-loud video, but I can’t help to think that he was at least a little serious when he said and I quote “you’re going to see me hanging from the bathroom.” Let’s hope that this guy has a better tomorrow, because right now, I am just assuming he has consumed enough alcohol that he can smell colors and taste shapes.

Also, how funny is it that he yells at the wife? Quick answer, very. “DON’T ASK ME TO DO NOTHING! NOT DISHES! NOTHING!” How funny would it have been if the camera guy was like “Hey, could you toss me the remote?” or something so minor that set this guy even further off of the edge. I would say I feel bad, but that would be a lie.

There is so much to unpack here, so we are going to keep it quick.

Video #1: What a moron. Smashing your TV on a bunch of little kids’ bikes will really show how much of a diehard fan you are. Great idea just throwing hundreds of dollars off of a balcony because you are such a rough-and-tough diehard fan. I mean, this guy is just a total loser. Sadly, this won’t be the last we see of idiots throwing TV’s.

Video #2: I actually feel terrible for this guy. What do you think he was thinking of every time his head ricocheted off the glass. He’s probably a dad that wanted sons so bad, but had daughters instead. He definitely has to work on MLK Day, the Sunday Scaries just hit, and life as he knows it is over. All this guy had was football, but now as Eminem would say its time to “snap back to reality.” Back to life in the suburbs driving your kids to school, then driving over to the Cube Life, working a 9-5 only to come home to a messy house and screaming children. You can just tell that Sundays were his escape. Until next year man, hang in there.

Video #3: I mostly feel bad for the Jags fan here. He must be DYING to celebrate on the inside but is way too nice of a guy. C’mon dude, brag a little.

Video #4: Yup. We found it. The most Pittsburgh thing of all time. The big, bad Yinzers assert their dominance on a helpless Jags fan. Wicked tough guys. Have fun watching your big brother Patriots win a sixth Super Bowl. Tom Brady is about to have as many rings as your entire franchise, just let that sink in.

The Good: Minnesota Vikings

HAHAHAHA! This guy just oozes out happiness. Tell me you can watch this video without smiling. Its literally impossible. You already know that after he calmed down, the dude cleared his throat and went back to his fake tough guy deep voice. The jig is up buddy, everyone heard you scream so loud that the glass cups in your kitchen shattered.

How about this guy just straight up dying? For all we know, the funeral could already be planned by now. What a way to go out though, seeing your team sneak their way into the NFC Championship. May he rest in peace.

The Bad: New Orleans Saints

This has taken the lead for my all time favorite video. I have watched this at least ten times and literally laughed out loud. Rapaport was literally sitting at a restaurant, unable to contain himself. F-Bombs were being launched no matter how hard he tried to contain his happiness. It was as if there was nothing that could bring this man down from Cloud Nine, until he sat down in his car. What an all time plot twist. One minute you’re as happy as can be, and the next, you could not be more confused. “I WAS GONE FOR TWO SECONDS!” That one line will forever get me. Ah, rap, never change.

Like I promised earlier, here is another loser throwing a much more expensive TV off of the balcony. Really Kyle? Gotta show how much you “care” by wrecking a massive television. This girlfriend/wife/mistress has to have him sleep on the couch or something tonight. She couldn’t even get the second “STAHHHPP” out of her mouth before Kyle tossed the TV over the edge like his hopes and dreams. Have fun watching Sportscenter tomorrow, oh wait.

Last but certainly not least, this New Orleans bar collectively gets their hearts ripped from their chest, thrown in the air, and into Stephen Diggs’ hands along with the game winning touchdown. Watch this video again and again except look at a different guy’s face. Devastation at its finest right here folks.

At the end of the day, is there really anyone who will beat the Pats? Take a look at the quarterbacks left in the playoffs: got Tom Brady, Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Nick Foles. Y-U-C-K. Start the duck boats.

*Photo courtesy of New York Times


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