Eagles Fans Fight To Prove They Are The Most Insufferable In Sports

This Super Bowl is shaping up to be one where the country will be split, as opposed to everyone outside of New England wishing death upon the Patriots. Though it’s not for the fact that the Patriots are the greatest franchise in sports history; nor is it even because the Patriots have the greatest coach, quarterback, and owner of all time, and its not even about witnessing history in front of their eyes. The reason that America is so torn between these two teams, for once, is because Eagles fans are absolutely, and horribly insufferable.

Overlooking the fact that these fans started their Sunday off by throwing full beer cans and bottles at families who were Minnesota Vikings fans, the fans completed their night with carrying a huge sign around that definitely solidified their slot as the scumbags of the league.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 6.15.05 PM.png


Eagles-Fans-Parade-Around-City-Yelling-Fck-Millie-A-99-Year-Old-Vikings-Fan-Grandma.jpgFor anyone who is unaware, Millie is the sweet as pie Minnesota Vikings fan who wished her team good luck int he viral video. So if you didn’t know which group to join in with for this Super Bowl, here’s the choices:

Patriot fans- guilty of-> supporting their team literally to the death in most instances.

Eagles fans- Guilty of (last 3 days)-> burning down their own city to celebrate going to the super bowl, throwing beer cans at families, and saying “Fuck Millie” to the 99 year old who simply wished her team luck.

You are completely going to be judged on your choice. So pick wisely. You can hate the Patriots all you want, but can you hate them more than you hate Eagle fans…?




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