Bob Kraft Made Sure No One Will Ever Forget 28-3

After the Patriots owned the Falcons in last year’s Super Bowl, Bob Kraft decided to put the final nail in Atlanta’s coffin with a little dig of his own. The Super Bowl rings he gave out to his team contained exactly 283 diamonds.

Get it?

28-3. 283. The lead the Falcons blew.

Apparently, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank wasn’t happy about it, saying the decision was “unnecessary and tacky.”

Unnecessary? Maybe. Epic boss move by Bob Kraft? Definitely.

Arthur, when your team actually wins a Super Bowl, you can design their rings however you want. Maybe next year. But if I owned a team pathetic enough to blow a lead like that in the Super Bowl, I’d be more focused on never being that embarrassing again, not how many diamonds are in the other team’s rings. But that’s just me.

At least Blank can take comfort in the fact that this year’s Patriots rings won’t have anything to do with the Falcons. You have to make it to the Super Bowl to matter to us.


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