Butler’s Selfishness Costs Patriots in Super Bowl 52

Malcolm Butler played zero snaps in Super Bowl 52. He played almost 98% of the snaps during the season, and he played zero in Super Bowl 52. Pat Chung went out, Malcolm Butler didn’t go in. Eric Rowe was getting torched all over the field, Malcolm Butler didn’t go in. Sorry Bill Belichick, but no one believes you, it was clearly a discipline issue with Butler. Otherwise, why would he be on the sideline dressed and ready to go and play zero snaps?

Let’s think logically here. If he was hurt or sick, they would’ve just made him a healthy scratch. There’s no other reason he would be on the sideline ready and waiting to go in, and play(say it with me) zero snaps in Super Bowl 52. The defense really could’ve used him. It was obvious from the start that there were two guys on the field who really didn’t belong out there. One was Eric Rowe, who, for some reason was on Alshon Jeffrey early, and got smoked all over the field. The other was Jordan Richards. I mean, I love the guy, but he’s a special teams player, not a defensive player. Having to put those two guys in instead of Butler made all the difference in the world. It’s hard to imagine the defense struggling as much as it did if Butler is out there.

Stephon Gilmore played a great game, but, unfortunately, there was no one else in the defensive backfield that could make a play. Butler has made those plays in the biggest moments of the biggest games, it’s not a far stretch to say that he could’ve come up with one or two in this game. We don’t know what we did to deserve the punishment he got, and maybe we’ll never know. But one thing is for sure, his selfishness cost his team a shot at a 6th Super Bowl title. It also probably cost him quite a bit of money in the process.

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4 comments on “Butler’s Selfishness Costs Patriots in Super Bowl 52”
  1. Gary H says:

    HIS selfishness? Wait a minute. You just said you didn’t know what he did. C’mon!

  2. Jose Antonio Santiago says:

    The same i thinks last night. It was a f..king bad decision by Belichick. Buttler play the defense all hard season plus make always great stops when we need him.

    I dont know what hurt us more to us. The bad defense or the 2 TD that they dont reverse the call.

  3. Nolo says:

    They said on Golic and Wingo (ESPN radio) he missed team flight to Minnesotta and arrived a day late. Claimed he was sick in hospital.

    1. Buddha says:

      If he wasnt going to play him he shouldn’t have allowed him to play.

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