The Best Worst Tweet From Super Bowl Sunday

So, yeah, the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. It sucks almost as much as the defense did during the actual game.

But now that the game is over, so is the football season. And usually, win or lose, we’d have the basketball and hockey seasons to look forward to, as well as the baseball season, which basically begins the minute the Pats season ends.

Not this year, though, because 2018 is shaping up to be 2017 part 2. And if Part 2 of 2017 is anything like Part 2 of the 7th Harry Potter movie, it’s going to really suck. Because so far, nothing about this team has changed for the better. If anything, the team will be worse, following the departures of Addison Reed and Doug Fister, and an already-on-the-DL Dustin Pedroia. Not to mention all the players who had medical procedures this off-season; we’ll have to wait and see how they’re doing at spring training.

No one summed up the lukewarm (at best) feelings about the upcoming baseball season better than Red Sox persona Evan Drellich, who tweeted this:

Read it carefully. Got it? Good. Join me in pessimistic misery, won’t you?

It really sucks to be ambivalent, nay, depressed about my team. And I’m praying that they’ll manage to turn things around this season. But as of right now, the past is our future.


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