The Blame Game: Who’s Winning?

Well, it’s the Monday after the Patriots lose the Super Bowl and now everyone and their mother is playing the blame game. It seems that everyone has someone to blame for the Patriots loss last night, but who exactly is winning or to say it better, who is consistently getting the blame?

The first name I see being thrown around is Malcolm Butler and the rumored decisions he made the week leading up to the super bowl. It’s hard to tell if any of these rumors are true since no one will really tell us anything but one of the rumors being thrown around is that Butler got trashed at a concert, showed up to the team hotel passed curfew and was caught with weed on him. Now if any of that is true it’s easy to blame Butler for being selfish and putting his team in jeopardy and for the most part I think most of it is fair criticism. The key word there is criticism because how can you blame a loss in a game on someone who didn’t even play in the game. For an organization that harps on the concept of “next man up” it seems as if there are people out there who are quick to abandoned that in this situation and blame a loss on a guy who didn’t step on the field defensively. For that reason, I don’t think you can blame the loss on Malcolm Butler.

Now of course comes the obvious recipient of criticism and that is Matt Patricia and the Patriots defense. Now this is one I can agree with along with one other person but we’ll get into that later. Of course we all know the Patriots defense are the kings of second half adjustments so when they started off slow and gave up 22 points in the first half, it was really nothing new. The frustrating part is that the second half adjustments we thought were coming were non existent. The patriots followed up the 22 point first half by giving up 19 points in the second half for a total of 41 points. Despite that, the Patriots had gained the lead and needed JUST ONE stop from the defense and the game was surely all but over. But as the trend of the game continued, the defense was unable to stop the Eagles and the rest is history. This defense was so bad that the eagles went 10-16 on third downs including 2-2 on fourth downs in this game. That is a recipe for disaster. The only constant on the defensive side was Gilmore who held Alshon in check for the majority of the game when he was covering him. So I say most of the blame is on the defense considering the offense put up 33 points and somehow still lost.

The next name I’m going to throw out there is Bill Belichick and the sole reason I think he needs some of the blame is because of his decision to bench Malcolm Butler. There is a time and place to send a message to your team but benching arguably your best corner who has played 98% of the snaps on defense and follows the best receiver around before the biggest game of the year is neither the right time nor the right place. Brandon Browner said it best in his IG video saying that this can “create a divide in the locker room between the people rockin with Malcolm and the people rockin with the coaches decision.” Now I’m no rocket scientist but having a divide among your players before the biggest game of the year is not something you want and quite frankly it showed as the defense was atrocious. I don’t usually say this often but BB made a huge mistake and it was followed by losing the Super Bowl. He definitely deserves some of the blame.

For anyone blaming Tom Brady well then you probably lack any common knowledge about anything so I won’t even entertain the idea that somehow a quarterback who throws for 505 yards with 3 touchdowns and puts up 33 points is to blame.

Rightfully so Patriots nation is upset and there are people to blame for this loss. I believe both Matt Patricia/the defense and BB is to blame for last nights loss.



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  1. C. V. Wagner says:

    Coaching staff for their decisions. I blamed them not knowing about what Butler did it takes a team to win. And he hurt his team mates. I think it’s all 3 monumental mistakes. BB this year seems heck bent on distruction at times and at others he’s right there.

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