Bruins Trying to Improve at the Deadline With Some Big Names

This year, the New York Rangers are cleaning the house for a quick rebuild after their season started off slow and didn’t really pick up. The Boston Bruins should be big buyers at this deadline as they have proved to be a contender this year and one or two pieces away from winning the cup. The Rangers are giving up big pieces like Ryan McDonagh and Rick Nash so the asking price is going to be sky high but if there is a team that could put that price up it’s the Boston Bruins.
Don Sweeney is doing a good job so far by stacking up on draft picks and young talent and now those young players are panning out to be quality players in the NHL. Sweeney is now at the very least checking to see if a possible deal is imminent. A report says that the Bruins are one of the five teams that are “IN” on Rick Nash and they have shown​ some serious interest in top defenseman Ryan McDonagh.
Many people are asking what the cost would be for these players. It’s clear Sweeney wants to add a veteran at the deadline like Maroon or Nash so what’s the cost? Nash is a rental player and is due 2.2 million and so his price is much lower than McDonagh’s. Sweeney to make a deal would first have to dip into the pool of picks and agree on something there. Sweeney would also have to add some prospects from the AHL or overseas to sweeten it for the Rangers. This is an easy deal to fix out, not much finagling​ to do with the roster or the cap.
The McDonagh deal is going to be a much more difficult to do. McDonagh is under the team control for two years for 4.7 million. It would be tough to fit him in the cap this year but next year they don’t have to worry about it because the cap is supposed to go up another 3-7 million so, the issue is the cap this year. They would also have to give up so NHL talent since McDonagh is arguably a number 1 defenseman. This would be a big deal for the B’s to make since they would have to say goodbye to McQuaid or Kevan Miller and a bunch of pick and prospects. This one is going to be tough for Sweeney to pull off and this team is good right now so he just can’t give up too much of the future for now although McDonagh is a star defenseman.
The Bruins are one of the most surprising teams in the NHL this year next to Vegas and they could get over the top with these two players. The Bruins are going to have to part ways with JFK and/or Bjork to do these deals most likely​ and many think that they will have to give up Danton Heinen or Jake DeBrusk to make these deals work. If they are giving that up then I wouldn’t pull the trigger. The Bruins have had a plan to draft and develop and they can’t just abandon this plan now. They have ​the ammo with the​ prospects that they shouldn’t need to touch the NHL roster other than a cap filler.
Another couple names that have been swirling​ around​ the Bruins is Thomas Vanek, Matt Hoffman, ​and Patrick Maroon. With those players, ​it looks like Sweeney wants to add​ a ​veteran shooter to put next to Krejci​ and Debrusk. Moves to be coming soon from the B’s whether they make a move or not they should be making a run for the cup.


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