How the Cleveland Hash Browns Return to Relevance

The Browns…they stink. They have 1 WIN OVER THEIR LAST 35 GAMES. That’s just plain embarrassing for a city that has seen its other 2 sports franchises thriving (Cavs won championship in 2016, Indians went to World Series in 2016). The Hash Browns are hoping to at least take a step in the right direction in 2018 and compete.

What’s a realistic goal? If this team plays their cards right, they could become relevant in just a year. Making the right moves, as well as a little bit of luck and chance will need to swing their way to make them good. It also helps to have crazy cap room.

Sign Teddy Goatwater


Step 1 towards becoming relevant: Sign Teddy Bridgewater. He’s missed a significant amount of action due to his knee injury, but why not give him a shot at reviving this team? He’s only 25 years old, was a pro bowler, and held an 11-5 record in 2015. Clearly, it’s been a while and he’d have to get accustomed to a new team and coaching staff, but he’s a clear upgrade over DeShone Kizer.

Build around Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon is off the weeeeeeeeed.


If he really is clean and can stay off it, he’s a top-level talent at the receiving position. Duke Johnson is a great pass-catching RB to help from the backfield. The offensive line is decent and only needs 1 maybe 2 replacements. A solid rookie showing in David Njoku solidifies the tight end position. This team has the offensive pieces mainly in place…they just need a QB that can throw a ball decently.

Picks on picks

The Browns have the #1 and #4 overall pick. They also have several 2nd and 3rd round picks. There’s many ways to go about this. They have the 14th ranked defense (decent) and the 7th ranked rushing defense. In the draft, they need secondary help as well as help to shore up the offensive line.

BIG Time Trades

If I were in control of the Browns, I would trade the 1st overall pick for a haul. Grab a top 10 pick, a 2nd rounder, and another future 2-3 future round picks. With that later top 10, draft Baker Mayfield, and announce that you’re winning the 2026 Super Bowl!!! One of those extra 2nd or 3rd rounders should be traded for a certain disgruntled wide receiver. GO ACQUIRE DEZ BRYANT. Bryant gets paired up with Josh Gordon to form a solid wide receiver tandem. With Goatwater tossing the pigskin around to them, along with Johnson in the backfield.


A solid defense with reinforcements and a goon squad on offense should make them formidable and actually competitive. They’d have Bryant and Gordon for a full season, a serious competition at the helm between possible franchise QB’s, and a defense with new additions to stabilize them. Is it likely? Probably not, but what if the Browns became serious players in the draft, trading market, and free agency? This could get good.

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