It’s Dumb for the Broncos to Consider Trading Emmanuel Sanders

The NFL offseason is full of mock drafts that change every week, scouting reports on players for the upcoming draft and apparently ridiculously scorching hot ideas from teams that could burn them. For example, there have been reports that the Broncos could potentially part ways with Emmanuel Sanders which, in my opinion, is stupid.

First of all, this has been one of the most reliable and dominant receivers you have had in Denver. In his four years in Denver, he has eclipsed 1,000+ yards in three of those years and the only reason he didn’t do it in his fourth year was because of an injury. He also has 22 receiving touchdowns in Denver in 4 years which is pretty decent, and if you think about how his season was hindered due to injury this year where he only caught 2, that’s pretty damn good. So even considering trading one of your best receivers is dumb.

Secondly, this team is one key piece away from turning a 5-11 team into a playoff team that could be dangerous. That key piece is, of course, the quarterback. While the Broncos may consider drafting another young QB like Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield or Sam Darnold, let’s not forget that they have a projected cap space of $31,630278 for 2018 which would make shopping for a high-end free agent quarterback a very likely thing for them to do. What’s the one thing quarterbacks want to do other than win? They like to throw to receivers that are really good and one he can trust which, if you don’t know, Emmanuel Sanders is exactly that. A quarterback like Kirk Cousins would be way more tempted to sign with a team that has receivers like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders than a team that has a few average receivers.

Going with the drafted QB route, there is no better thing for a rookie QB to have 2 good receivers to throw the ball to and make him look good.

Ian Rapoport has reported that “the belief is that both (Thomas & Sanders) are safe.” This coming after reports that not only Sanders could be traded but also Demaryius Thomas could be gone too which would be absolutely mind-blowing.

To me trading two key pieces away when you’re really only one key piece away from being back in the playoffs is dumb, especially when shopping for a top-tier free agent quarterback.


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