The Highly-Anticipated Review of Lonzo Ball’s Debut Rap Album

I know that everyone has been long awaiting my review of Lonzo Ball’s debut rap album all day today, sorry for keeping everyone waiting. Today, Lonzo dropped “Born 2 Ball” making him the second NBA player to drop an album for the past few years, the other being Damian Lillard. To be completely honest, I had no idea what to expect going into this. However, what I took away from this project the most is that Lonzo is actually very good at rapping. He’s clever, clean, and real. His friends feature on some of these songs, and let me tell ya, they STINK. Some of the features even ruin the songs, which is frustrating because it almost entirely erases everything Lonzo did on the track. But whatever, what do I know? Here is the track by track rundown.

Grind Mode (ft. DC THE DON)

The beat in this song is wicked good. I don’t know if he makes the beats or not, but if he does then he absolutely killed this. A strong intro song from Zo. However, every time they say “Grind Mode” I only hear “grandma” so that’s kind of annoying. I didn’t mind DC THE DON on this track, but the dude probably wasn’t necessary.

Grade: B

Get Off

This is the song that leaked in the Ball’s Facebook show “Ball in the Family.” It provided with this clip.

Another unreal beat to this song. Personally, this is my favorite song on the album. For once in his life, he actually shows personality and sort of brags. Finally!

Grade: A


This song is absolutely hilarious. It is literally an ad to buy his shoes ZO2’s. Lavar had to have been behind this one, because the chorus is literally him talking strictly about how great his shoes are. In terms of the actual song, it is super mediocre. Yet again though, he raps over a great beat.

Grade: C-

Puttin in Work (ft. Kenneth Paige and DC THE DON)

This was the song I alluded to earlier when I mentioned that the features ruined the song. DC THE DON pulled his weight, but not as strong as the other song he was on. This Kenneth Paige guy though is terrible. The dude tried to rap exactly like Young Thug, and spoiler alert, it did not work. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then tried to use some Migos ad libs, and it was actually laughable how bad it was. All in all, this song is not good and in fact bad.

Grade: F

LAML (ft. Kenneth Paige)

LAML stands for Look at My Life and the entire song is a flex about BBB, which I respect so much. Zo flexes on Nike saying that they wouldn’t pay him enough, but that’s fine because he got rich without them. Paige again though ruins this song. I mean he has zero originality because here he gives off a super strong Bryson Tiller vibe. To the surprise of nobody, he failed to deliver again after replicating a third artist. Page kills the whole vibe of the song.

Grade: C+

Super Saiyan

This song is wicked funny because he talks about the most random things ever. At first, he talks about playing basketball, then BBB, then being good at Call of Duty, all to prove his haters wrong. However, Zo snaps on this song. Dude is delivering Busta Rhymes speed with his lyrics which is crazy impressive. Also, he drops a ton of Lavar’s sayings in this song such as the classic “Stay in yo lane.”

Grade: A-

Bring it Home (ft. Kenneth Paige)

Lonzo and Paige are referring to “it” entirely differently here. Lonzo is talking about bringing championships home and building a legacy, while Paige is talking about bringing girls home. Paige did okay on this track, it was definitely his best feature so far. The song itself is very “blah.” Nothing too impressive.

Grade: D+

Money TalksĀ 

Yet again, Lonzo is proving his haters wrong here telling them how much money BBB is making. It is actually crazy how cocky he is being this album, because normally that is Lavar’s job. I love it that he is finally admitting that he is good and is the leader of the BBB empire.

Grade: C+

Check (ft. Kenneth Paige)

This is the first song the Lonzo doesn’t do the chorus to, which worked way better than I thought. Paige actually does well here on the chorus, but sounds identical to Bryson Tiller. I actually thought it was Tiller for a second. The song is basically about getting money and spending it, you know classic rapper shenanigans.

Grade: B-

Day 1’s

As one could guess, Lonzo is talking about his lifelong friends, because the title is quite obvious. This song is overall just really boring. I don’t really know what else to say about it.

Grade: D

Living Lavish (ft. Kenneth Paige)

From the second this song started, I knew it was going to be super rough. The lyrics were so off beat I thought it was a joke. Paige again does the chorus in this song, where he should just stay because he is a terrible rapper. This song had to be one of the first songs he ever made because it’s very choppy and has little to no rhythm.

Grade: D+

Freestyle (ft. Kenneth Paige)

Lonzo basically made a collab album with Paige at this point. I mean Paige features on just about every song. For the song itself, I kind of like it. Paige and Zo trade verses back to back instead of long solo tracks. The song ends with more ads which I will forever find hilarious. The lyrics “go get your merch” were said over and over again, then followed by Paige gargling words together.

Grade: B

Gotta Get It

Lonzo is a very good rapper, and this track definitely shows it. I mean Zo kills this song. The entire song is good whether it be the beat, smooth flow, or the lyrics alone. This is one of my favorite songs on the entire album, and even if Lonzo did not make it, I think I would download it anyways.

Grade: A

What is You Doin

There isn’t anything too exciting about this song. Lonzo again is showing how good of a rapper he really is, but it is not one of his best songs. The chorus I think kind of kills the entire song, as it is very eh.

Grade: C+


This song could go literally any possible way you could think of. Would this be a flex for BBB? Another ad song? Telling people how amazing the ZO2 are? Ultimately it is the entire story of the BBB come up in a short few minutes. Whether it be Zo talking about eating eggs and milk for breakfast, dating his girlfriend, or living in the BBB empire, he touches on just about everything. The actual song part is okay. It is a song you have to actually listen to the lyrics to understand.

Grade: B-


See the source image

This is the song that I was most looking forward to when I saw the tracklist drop earlier this week. The song starts with Lavar’s famous clip of saying Lonzo was born to go to the Lakers. Then Lonzo gives off a big-time J Cole vibe by slowly rapping over a mellow beat. Basically, Zo is talking about growing up with Lavar as his father and trying to live up to his expectations. He drops the best lyric of the entire album by saying “pops got the gun and I’m just the ammo,” proving that he knows all of Lavar’s reputation relies on how he plays. Towards the end of the song, there is another clip of Lavar on draft night. All in all, this is my favorite song on the entire album because of how real it is. Lonzo even talks about LaMelo and LiAngelo in this song, which is pretty cool.

Grade: A+

Ultimately, I enjoyed this album. I for sure deleted some songs because they were flat out bad, but for the majority of the album, I liked a lot of it. For a final grade, I would give his debut album a B-.




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