Tim Lincecum to the Giants?

Former back-to-back National League Cy Young award-winner Tim Lincecum is attempting a major league comeback. On Thursday, Lincecum threw for at least twenty MLB scouts. According to a Giants scout, his velocity was up and he looked like he was in good shape. In a recent interview, San Francisco’s general manager Bobby Evans said he wouldn’t rule out a possible Lincecum return.

It is too early to make any assumptions and probably far from likely that Lincecum plays for the Giants or any team again after posting a 9.16 ERA the last time he was seen in a big league jersey. The hope of any team that may take a shot at him is that he shows even a glimpse of the dominant pitcher he was in his prime with the Giants. The three-time World Series champion posted ERA’s of under 2.75 three out of four years from 2008-2011 (in the outlier season he pitched to a very good 3.43 ERA).

It isn’t the worst idea in the world for Evans or any other GM to consider bringing in the 33-year-old right-hander. If he can at least duplicate his last decent season where he posted a 4.13 ERA in 15 starts, he could be a valuable back end of the rotation starter. Lincecum isn’t in any position to ask for any big money or a long-term deal so taking a flyer on him for cheap wouldn’t cost any team in the long run.

It makes the most sense that if any team gave him a shot it would be San Francisco. After pitching almost all of his home games at AT&T Park, he clearly has a level of comfort in that park. The Giants have nothing to lose coming off the second-worst record in the majors and with a clear win-now roster. It makes sense to bring in Lincecum for just one more shot at cracking a roster.

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