Lonzo Ball Just Proved He’s Just Like His Father

For someone who’s missed 19 games, is averaging 10.2 PPG, and pretty much sucks at basketball, Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball sure thinks the world of himself. Need proof? He spent the All-Star weekend signing autographs… for the hefty price of $199. Want to get that John Hancock authenticated? Another $10.

And that wasn’t even for a personalized message, as the event was advertised as being simply “autograph any item, no photo ops, no inscriptions.”

Lavar Ball has made a name for himself as the Kris Jenner (aka the Mother of all Kardashians) of the sports world, trying to wring every last cent out of his kids. But it looks like greed runs in the family.

Some three-hundred people showed up to the event, and some even brought duplicate items, presumably paying double or triple the price.

While you could argue that plenty of athletes charge for their autographs, usually, they’re athletes with actual athletic prowess to justify the cost. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has an upcoming signing event in March, and will charge between $119-$169 for an autograph, depending on item size. But he’s KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR. He can dunk and copilot airplanes; Lonzo can’t do either.

How much would you pay Lonzo for his autograph?

Photo: BigPlay.com


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