New Details Emerge About Malcolm Butler

The Super Bowl has come and gone and just when I thought I was finally over the loss, more details come out about Malcolm Butler’s benching which made me fall back into a pit of more anger and sadness. With that said, I think it’s still something to look at, no matter how you feel.

When Butler initially got benched, we heard conflicting rumors. Some were saying it was a football decision, some were saying he had gotten in trouble numerous times and if you’re like me, some people just had no clue what the hell was going on. This morning, I saw reports from Mike Reiss (@MikeReiss) & Ryan Hannable (@RyanHannable) that McCourty had talked about the situation. Thankfully, some more details have emerged thanks to Devin McCourty on this situation which gives me some closure and yet still leaves me wondering.

McCourty has come out saying that, “we all knew he [malcolm butler] wasn’t starting all week. That wasn’t a secret to the guys on the team.” He goes on to say this about the rumors that it was a discipline issue. “As far as I know, all of that is the furthest thing from the truth. I get why people are fishing. The guy played 98 percent of the plays. I just hate that for him character-wise going into free agency. It’s just not true. As far as I know, and I was there all week, not one time did anything come up.”

This was all in a recent interview McCourty did with in which McCourty was defending Butler’s character amidst Malcolm Butler’s free agency. It’s reasonable for him to come to Butler’s aid but yet, it still leaves us questioning.

Another thing to think about is, if everyone knew that he wasn’t playing, why was he crying on the sideline? If you had known the whole week, I don’t think you react the way Malcolm Butler did. I think part of it is McCourty defending the character issues brought up, but I don’t know about the whole thing of, “everyone knew.

It’s clear now that it was, in fact, a “football decision” but am I the only one still wondering how you carry it out the whole game? I mean, you sat there in your typical non-emotional way watching your defense get absolutely torched and yet you keep Butler on the sideline for a “football decision.”

This does bring some closure but to me, this is still such a weird situation and I don’t know if we will ever know the full extent of the situation.

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