Tim Tebow the Major Leaguer?

He’s won the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding player in college football. He was a first-round draft pick and starting quarterback in the NFL, where he led a struggling team to the playoffs. Where is Tim Tebow now, you ask? Look no further than Port St. Lucie, Florida, where he’s gearing up for his second season of playing professional baseball.

That’s right, Tim Tebow is still playing baseball for the New York Mets organization, but you already knew that. From the day Tebow announced that he would attempt a career in professional baseball, nobody thought anything of it. When the Mets signed him to a contract, everyone merely saw it as another gimmick to sell tickets. That’s was still the general consensus going into Spring Training this season, until some very intriguing comments were made by Mets general manager Sandy Alderson.

During a press conference on Sunday, Alderson told a group of reporters that he believes that Tim Tebow will one day play in the Major Leagues. While it may be crazy to believe that a football player with very little baseball experience remotely has a chance of playing the big leagues, we have to remember that this is no ordinary ballplayer. This is the hardworking Tim Tebow.

After an expected below-average first season between low and high A ball, Tebow has worked tirelessly this offseason to get into better baseball shape, losing almost 15 pounds in the process. He has worked with a hitting instructor to improve his batting stance and swing. Plain and simple, Tebow is motivated, and if we remember correctly, a motivated Tim Tebow will accomplish anything.

Despite Tebow’s efforts to better himself, there are still critics out there rooting against him playing in the big leagues one day, and I don’t understand why. How can you root against a guy like this? This is a man of the people who is always smiling and is guaranteed to give 110% every game. This is a guy who will stop and sign autographs for every fan, and like it or not, this is a guy who will sell tickets and make people excited to go to the ballpark.

If Sandy Alderson’s prediction comes true, we will one day see Tim Tebow step up to bat in a major league ballgame. I’ve always imagined him hitting a home run in his first at-bat in front of a sold-out Citi Field crowd and “Tebowing” after he crosses home plate, breaking the internet and bringing the sports world to a standstill in the process. Make that fantasy come true, Mr. Tebow. I’m rooting for you.

Photo: New York Post


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