Giancarlo Stanton on Pace for Historically Bad Season

So far, Giancarlo Stanton has been a colossal bust for the New York Yankees. Stanton was the biggest acquisition of the off-season, and for good reason. In 2017, he had the strongest season of his 8-year career and earned National League MVP honors as a result. The numbers that Stanton posted were mind-blowing. 59 home runs. A .631 slugging percentage. An OPS of over 1.000. Simply put, he was the most dangerous hitter in the game.

When the Yankees acquired Stanton, the rest of the MLB went into a panic. The Evil Empire was rejuvenated, and they instantly became favorites to win the 2018 World Series (3-1 odds). At the time, Stanton looked worth the 9 figure deal he was given.

Fast forward to now, and the Yankees must be pissed. Stanton is batting .000 with a .000 slugging percentage. His OBP is a respectable .500, but getting on base isn’t what his job is. Stanton was brought to the Bronx for one reason and one reason only: to hit bombs. If he’s not doing that, what did they pay him all that money for?

To make matters worse, Stanton is currently averaging 2.0 outs per at-bat. It’s a truly incredible feat when you think about it. If there’s any silver lining for Yankees fans, it’s that Stanton’s teammates are getting on base. Unfortunately, they’re getting left on base due to Stanton’s apparent incompetence.

I, for one, was extremely surprised. The thought of my beloved Red Sox facing off against the 21st Century version of Murderer’s Row was enough to make me queasy. Thinking about Rick Porcello throwing cock-shots to Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez one after another? Projectile vomit everywhere. I apologize for the graphic imagery.

Now, I, along with the rest of Red Sox nation (and the rest of the MLB, for that matter), can exhale. Stanton is on pace to turn in one of the worst statistical seasons in the history of baseball. Sure, there’s time for him to turn it around, but things aren’t looking good for the Bronx Bombers.

It remains to be seen if the Red Sox signing of free agent slugger J.D. Martinez has anything to do with Stanton’s struggles, but you have to figure that it does. Giancarlo thought he’d be able to cruise to another MVP season with a Commissioner’s Trophy to top it off? Not on J.D.’s watch.



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