This is the Most Infuriating Picture of All Time

People used to be so incredibly stupid. I mean, yeah sure people today are dumb too eating tide pods, hanging on the sides of buildings, and whatnot, but this picture has to be one of the dumbest activities of all time. There had to be better ways to test football helmets other than running into a building at full steam. I don’t know what people were thinking in 1912, but I am so thankful we evolved from there.

How was anyone ever convinced that this would be a good idea? Hey, how about you go run head first as fast as you can into the side of that barn over there to see if this thin piece of leather will help you from being concussed? This dude has to on death row or something. You can pick electric chair or CTE, what do you say? Every time I look at this it infuriates me, not because I feel bad for the guy, but because it amazes me how ridiculous this is on so many levels.

While we are on it, all football players had to be brutally concussed at all times. These guys had to be smelling colors and tasting sounds at all times. C’mon, look what they were wearing!

See the source imageThis guy is wearing about one inch of pads. I can only imagine how this guy feels waking up every morning. Why people voluntarily played football wearing basically no pads at an “NFL” level is beyond me. Obviously nobody was laying Ray Lewis hits or even dirty Vontaze Burfict shots, but still, guys are getting tackled basically wearing nothing. Actually, what do I know, I was not even close to being born. Guys could be laying the absolute boomstick on each other. Murders very well could have happened on the football field. Who knows.

Point being, old-time sports players are outrageously stupid. There were so many different ways to test pads and what not, but this is simply not the way. This should not have been anyone’s first idea let alone second or third. All we know is that CTE was invented in 1912.



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