Zaza Pachulia is the Biggest Villain in the NBA

Once again, Zaza is in the news for “accidentally” injuring a player. He fell on Russ Westbrook’s knee during their game the other night and it was the worst piece of acting I have ever seen. This could very well be the millionth time that he has done something shady during a game, and the NBA fans are sick of it as they ripped him to shreds on Twitter. Not only fans, but players are going at Zaza, and rightfully so.

Players like Kyrie Irving and Paul George called him out publically. Irving commented on an Instagram post.

Paul George had this to say about Zaza:

Zaza isn’t even a fun villain that some fans could like, which could be the worst part. He is simply hated by everyone around the league. This guy doesn’t even do anything for the Warriors other than play the role as Hitman. His stats are laughable as he only puts up 5.8 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 1.7 APG, and 0.2 BPG. Yeah, he is surrounded by four stars, but if you are going to straight up attack other players, at least have some stats to fall back on to prove you aren’t a total loser.

This isn’t the first time that Zaza has been seen as a dirty player. I was scrolling through Twitter last night and one of the greatest threads came across my phone screen. Big shoutout to @GAMEWINING3 for putting this together, the dude dug deep to expose Zaza (see @RealNEPN this is how you give credit to someone else’s work). Here are ten of Zaza’s dirtiest plays throughout his career.

  1. Zaza punches a Heat player in the face earlier this year.

2. The first time Zaza went after Kahwi.

3. Zaza hockey checking Russ at the top of the key. No matter how many times I watch this, I will forever wonder why nobody on the Thunder lit the guy up as he stood over Russ.

4. Zaza kicking Danny Green directly in the face a few times.

5. Zaza getting violently thrown back and just so happens to fall right into Paul George’s legs. This is laughable how bad he flops. Dirty play.

6. Of course, the infamous Kahwi injury during last season’s playoffs. At first, I thought that this was just a freak accident but as time went on and more and more information came out about how dirty Zaza is, I think it is obvious to say that he had intent behind this action.

7. This is the injury that happened the other night. Absolutely NOBODY was behind Zaza to make him “fall over.” This was a straight dive at Russ’ knees and there isn’t any other arguments. I mean just watch, he clearly falls slowly and aims right on Russ. Terrible.

8. This moron injures his team’s best player after flopping. Way to go, you idiot.

9. Zaza tries to hit Iman Shumpert with a low blow. How someone stoops this low is absurd. What did expect from this? Obviously, people are going to see this.

10. Finally, we reach the end. Perhaps the most childish one of all. This is pathetic.

People are calling for Zaza to get thrown out of the league entirely. While I am not totally against that, I do not believe that this will happen at all. However, a suspension should 100% happen. I leave you with this, Zaza’s response to everyone “attacking him.”


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