Draymond, Please Be Quiet!

Draymond, Draymond, Draymond, will you please just shut up!

During Boston’s beloved Paul Pierce last season in the NBA, good ole Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors decided to throw shade at our old captain telling him “Nobody cares about your goodbye tour, they don’t love you like that, you ain’t Kobe”. Trash talking is one of Draymond Green’s’ strongest abilities when it comes to his play in the NBA. As someone who loves trash talk, it’s nice to see someone have that attitude again and also the ability to back it up, in Draymond Green’s case I think he needs to slow down. Even after he retired, Pierce is still hearing from Green. Draymond had opened his big mouth again on “Dray Day Podcast”, saying “People tend to forget he was struggling to get to the playoffs, was on the trade block every year, then all of a sudden Ray Allen and KG show up. Lets not forget that”.

Very good Draymond, you have eyes. I wonder if Ray Allen and KG helped Paul with his game winning shots and his leadership as a captain? I wonder why KG and Allen came to boston in the first place? Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have been friends for a very long time and Allen couldn’t help but want to play here. The team surrounded around the “big three”, and the “big three” surrounded around the leadership of their captain, Paul Pierce.

Draymond Green is on a team of superstars. Without Curry, Durant and Thompson, the Warriors would not be the powerhouse they are now and Draymond Green would just be another trash talking forward on an average to below average team. Paul Pierce was the leader of his team, Draymond Green is an a little above average forward playing for a great team, putting him somewhere else would just be a headache for another team to deal with. For a man to talk this much smack, you have to have credentials of your own to back it up. I would love to see the downfall of Draymond Green on a team without Curry, Durant and Thompson. Pierce did more for the city of Boston than Draymond has done for Golden State. Draymond is the guy that gives them laughs and is the big mouth of the team, but i can guarantee people wont be crying at his number retiring night, that is if he even gets one. Boston loved Paul Pierce for his passion for the game, his athletic ability, and his love for the city even after he left. Golden State loves Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, they like Draymond Green because he is also part of the starting five. No doubt in my mind that if given a good trade offer, the Warriors would have no problem shipping out Green for a better and more quiet forward.

Draymond, please do us all a favor and just stop talking and continue to enjoy the ride on Curry and Durant coattails.

Photo: Mercury News


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