New Additions Give Bruins Much-Needed Boost

Last night, the Bruins were in a close matchup against the Carolina Hurricanes. It wasn’t looking good early on for the Bruins as they were getting dominated. Rick Nash dragged a puck off the goal line after it got past Rask, to keep the game within reach.

Nash, in the first game, had a bunch of chances and he put a dent in the post. Then, in this game against Carolina, he finished one off. Debrusk, with relentless forecheck, turned into a puck right in front of the net for Nash to finish, which is what Sweeney got him for. Nash was also all over the ice. He has multiple shots that created other chances and with his big body, the second line has become a force. Within the first 2 games, he had this line rolling and Krejci has looked like his old self when he had Lucic and Horton. This move looks like it was worth it so far, granted he’s only played 2 games.

Another addition fans didn’t expect to see until later in the year is Tommy Wingles. He already looks like a bargain for what they gave up. In the absence of Bergeron and in his Bruins debut he picked up 2 points. His first point was a grinding play that he dug a puck of from the defender and just flicked it back to Riley Nash for him to finish with only 10 seconds in the period. This is what Sweeney got him for, to be a grinder and to make plays in the dirty areas. He’s not going to back down and he will do anything to help the team win. Wingles also got another point. This one was a lot prettier as he sniped the top left corner where grandma hides the cookies. It was an absolute snipe and it just capped off a great game for the new guys to this team. Everyone expected Nash to make a difference but nobody saw Wingles making a difference this early in the season.

These guys helped the Bruins stay in the game and get to overtime where Charlie McAvoy put one in the back of the net to get the win. The new guys gave them the boost they needed after the long road trip and helped them get the win without Bergeron. It’s going to be exciting to watch this team for the next couple months as they try to go for the cup. This team has some of the makeup that the 2011 team had and we could very well see them in the Cup this year.

Photo Credit: NESN


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