Papi Doesn’t Think Gronk Should Retire Yet

No one understands the pressure of being a beloved Boston athlete more than David Ortiz. The man played until a month before his 40th birthday, and could barely run the bases by the time he took his final swings. His retirement is already old news, though, and focus has turned to the potential retirement of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

But Papi thinks that Gronk still has a lot left in the proverbial tank, saying “you don’t want to do that… especially not at 27. You know how much life you’ve got left?” (WEEI)

Of course, baseball is an infinitely safer sport than football. Ortiz’s retirement was mainly due to his age, while Gronk’s potential retirement would be to prevent further injuries. Gronk suffered a severe concussion this season, which would be enough to make anyone worried about returning, but the herniated disk and back, arm, and knee surgeries make it understandable why Gronk would want to walk away while he still can. Ortiz acknowledged all of these factors.

Unfortunately, sometimes the heart and mind are willing, but the body says no. If and when Gronkowski decides to step away, Boston fans should simply thank him for the hard work and happy memories.

Image courtesy of Dunkin Donuts


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