Yankees Spring Training, Read All About It

It’s Spring Training once again, and the process has started all over. The New York Yankees have kicked off their spring with a booming 5-1 record and have continued to show off some of their “Baby Bombers.” 22-year-old third baseman Miguel Andujar has been gaining a lot of attention the past couple games. The “Baby Bomber” has been smacking the ball the past couple of games. Miguel has started a streak of a home run in the past three games and in the third game he hit not one but two! Miguel adds a .400 batting average along with his home run count as well. In the field, Miguel has not recorded an error and is showing the Yankees that he is the answer to all their third base questions, however, this all looks very familiar to last season when Greg Bird batted over .600 and recorded zero errors in the spring. Last season, the Yankees looked like they had a battle of sluggers with the combination of Greg Bird and Gary “The Kraken” Sanchez both hitting the ball all over the field, but when the season came Greg Bird hit the DL early and Sanchez took a few months to heat up. Not saying the same faith is destined for Andujar but baseball and especially Yankee fans must remember, this is only spring training. Not to give any discredit to the athletes, playing at the big level is always an accomplishment but New York is not a city that gives out participation trophies, you either show up or we will show you out.

This brings me to the topic of Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge. The dynamic duo of bombers has been under heavy watch during this spring training. Judge went 0-2 in his first game back since coming off of surgery and Stanton is sitting with a .286 in seven at-bats. Stanton has two hits and one run scored. Stanton seems to be fitting in with the Yankees clubhouse and seeing the ball just fine this spring, but of course, this is a cutthroat business and Stanton is now in an “all eyes on you” city. Spring has just started and there is not much to report from the big name Yankees hitters like Stanton, Judge, Gregorius, Hicks etc. Names like Andujar, Austin, Wade and veteran names Drury and Espinosa have been stealing the show in the grapefruit league for the Yankees. Gary Sanchez continues to be the spring training king and bat over .500 and a monster home run under his belt. Catching partner Austin Romine has been sticking his bat out there as well and throws his average on the top 5 list of Yankees.

The battle for spots on the roster is getting harder for new manager Aaron Boone. Who deserves the starting spot at second and third base? Andujar? Espinosa? Drury? What happened to Gleyber Torres? The youngster who was on general manager Brian Cashman’s “No Trade,” list has been a no-show this spring. Torres was a player that almost every team was interested in and the Yankees simply said, “Sorry, pick someone else.” Torres still has his name in the hat for either second or third base, but as stated before, this is a cutthroat business.

So, what does all this mean? Are the “Baby Bombers” going to become the new face of New York? Will Giancarlo and Aaron Judge just be average players? Should we be concerned? The answer is no. This is Spring Training. This is the time to earn spots, show managers your potential, and get to know your new teammates and vibe with your summer family. It’s great to see some Yankees dominating, and it is a little nerve-racking to see some not doing so much but all of this is to be taken with a grain of salt. One thing is for certain, The Yankees are here and ready for the season, spring or not. This is a new looking Yankee team and it all goes down this summer, and banners, hopefully, go up in the fall.

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