Clue: Butler, In New York? With The Contract?

As we all know, Malcolm Butler will be joining the free agent market and it looks like he already has an admirer. That’s right, our little brothers in the AFC East have taken interest in the pro bowl corner. The New York Jets have made it known that they are interested in turning Butler into a Jet, but will this be? The Patriots will most likely let Butler walk come this free agency and turn in the direction of Rowe or possibly a rookie to be Gilmore’s cornerback partner, so the ball is in Butlers court. After winning not one but two super bowls with the Patriots, I believe it is time for Butler to get paid now.  This statement raises questions such as, do the Jets have the money to bring in Butler? Will they spend all the money they have on Butler and potentially miss out on quarterback Kirk Cousins? Does Malcolm Butler even want to be a Jet?

Malcolm Butler had a pretty bad potential ending of his Patriot career. Sitting on the bench the entire super bowl, only to watch his teammates get torn apart by the Eagle’s wide receivers. Butler stated that the game would had been different if he had played, he also sent a letter out thanking his owner coaches and teammates for the good times he had. This, to me, screams that he is on his way out and after the career he had in New England I do believe that he deserves a pretty nice contract. Let me be clear, I am not saying he deserves a contract like Stephon Gilmore, but he deserves a contract that says “We really want you to stay and we appreciate your time”.

The New York Jets ranked 21st in pass defense last season, so it is safe to say that Butler could be some help back there. The Jets have their corner back Morris Claiborne’s contract to worry about right now. Even if they do manage to resign him, I believe it would still be in their best interest to go after Butler. Right now the Jets are focusing on Kirk Cousins. The Jets were 5-11 last season so yes, they do need some help. Josh McCown is not the quarterback that is going to bring this team back to life, Cousins is. The Jets are competing with the Broncos, Cardinals and the Vikings for the signature of Kirk Cousins and it doesn’t look to great right now. The Jets are not in a position to wait because waiting could get them into the trouble of losing both Cousins and Butler. They need to pick one. The Jets have many issues they need to work on but bringing in Butler would be very helpful to their defense which once was a very hard defense to get by. Butler also brings a leadership role to that defense that could help as well. Coming from a disciplined defense that coach Belichick and coach Patricia ran, he will bring insight to this defense that ranked 21st in pass defense last season.

Malcolm Butler, you need to get paid now. Start to work on a Hall of Fame career now. You crossed off the hardest thing on your list of things to do, twice! Two super bowls and a pro bowl trip under your belt, on paper you are a high valued player. Not saying Malcolm is perfect because Patriot fans have had a few hairs ripped out of their heads because of him at times, he still is more than a cornerback. He is a leader, he is a genius in the secondary and he does not let his size take down his aggression against the run. The Jets should pursue him more than just “liking him”, they should pursue him the way other teams will that are aware their secondary needs major work.



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