Charlie McAvoy Out At Least 4 Weeks

On Saturday night, Bruins young defenseman Charley McAvoy left the game with a lower body injury. It didn’t come out until today that he has a left MCL sprain. This is going to keep him up on the 9th floor for about 4 weeks. He could be out longer than just those four weeks though; he has to be re-evaluated again at that fourth week and may not be cleared to play. This is a huge loss for the Bruins as he was just finding his game again. He has been one of the Bruins best players all year and he is a rookie. This hit didn’t look like anything too serious, it just looked really awkward. It’s a good thing Sweeney went out and traded for Nick Holden because now he is going to have to be a big part in this roster. Holden has already helped the power play and in fact he gave the pass that Jake Debrusk finished off to tie the game late Saturday.

What we can expect to see is Carlo paired with Chara again, Holden with Krug and Grzelcyk will step back into the lineup paired with Kevan Miller. This defense is still good without McAvoy but it is significantly better when he is in there.

Once four weeks the four weeks are up, the playoffs will be right around the corner and they are going to need McAvoy to be ready for playoffs. He is a dynamic play maker and has playoff experience already. Last year, he stepped in against Ottawa and was one of the best players on the ice. This kid knows how to play and hopefully he get healthy before the playoffs start.



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