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I know. Your first thought after seeing the title was “Oh Shit”… and for a relatively  good reason. I won’t go as far as saying that most people are taking protein powders, but a lot of people my age (22) are.

This is probably not something thats super shocking, to be honest. I mean we are putting these things in our bodies to pretty much make us bigger, make us stronger. It’s all isolated stuff, right? That can’t be healthy, putting in artificial flavors and additives in our bodies in order to stimulate muscle recovery? It has to be time that we move to a more natural, plant based protein supplement so that we are only putting natural things in our bodies. Right? WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL not quite.


In a study reported by WHDH Boston, a study put the three types of protein powders to the test: animal-based, plant-based, and whey protein powders.

Scientists found that some protein powders contain very high levels of BPA. BPA is an industrial chemical, one which has been used to make plastics, metals, and even some resins. The “Organic” protein powders that were studied averaged over twice the toxic heavy metals when compared to the non-organic powders that were tested. The study said “75 percent of plant-based powders tested positive for lead.”

<list provided by WHDH Boston>

The 5 proteins that earned the worst overall scores:

• Garden of Life

• Six Star

• Quest

• Sun Warrior

• Vega One

The 5 proteins that earned the best overall scores:

• Ancient Nutrition

• Animal Muscle Food

• Biochem

• Body Fortess

• BodyLogix


Not shocked that Vegans are trying to kill us all. We all knew it was coming. Im thrilled after seeing this list because I use this protein called “Premier Protein.” 30 grams of protein in a premixed shake that tastes amazing. Its probably the best around, no lie. This stuff doesn’t make me walk the thin line between gagging and puking because it feels like I’m drinking the water soaked sand on the ocean’s edge.

But aside from that totally unpaid promo for something that I honestly just suggest to everyone, make sure that whatever you put in your body isn’t going to kill you. Just do your research, especially when it come to things that linked to working out; theres a reason that it’s a field of products that’s heavily scrutinized.




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