McDonald’s Turns Over the Golden Arches, But For What?

Okay, wait. HOLD UP. RELAX. I don’t hate women. Was writing this a mistake? Probably. But hey, hear me out.

Writing any type of article that talks about a group, such as women’s rights activists, is like trying to dodge all those lasers when you try to rob a bank. I’m going to take my best shot though.

So McDonald’s number one icon in those Golden arches you are bound to see if you drive for more than 10 minutes on a highway. Always shaped like the letter “M” for McDonald’s, obviously. Until today. McDonald’s arches were turned upside down to represent a “W,” standing for women, I assume.

While I have no problem with McDonald’s or any company voicing opinions on anything, why like this? To me at least, it just looks extra. Yes, it is, by all means, a statement, but what type of statement does it make? You just turned a letter upside down and made it look stupid. It doesn’t even look like an actual “W.”

Still walking this tight line, I don’t think it did anything. It’s 2018 everyone and their mother has an opinion about everything. This isn’t going to change anything. If you hate women, you aren’t just going to see an upside down McDonald’s sign and instantly think “wow, I’ve really been wrong this whole time.” No. It just isn’t going to happen. McDonald’s was definitely trying to do something here, but in the end, it just made no sense, in my mind at least.

Everyone knows it’s a fine line between talking about a cause and then actually throwing hate towards it. McDonald’s knew that. Shit, I know that as I’m writing this. You have to be careful. But this doesn’t mean shit, doesn’t do shit. McDonald’s could’ve left the “M” the way it was and my Wednesday would’ve been the exact same. This doesn’t make McDonald’s any better than all the rest of fast food. It’s a bullshit attempt at something that they have the money and resources to do much better. I just feel bad for the construction workers that had to flip that sign for it to be up for a couple day. Oh, the irony if one of them made a catcall at someone walking by.


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