NFL Draft: Sam Darnold

Remember when Mark Sanchez was entering the NFL draft and he was supposed to be the “hidden gem” of the draft? How about when Matt Barkley was going to be a huge success and has all the tools to be a great quarterback?Lets not forget Matt Leinart, the Heisman trophy winner that was going to be one of the best things to happen to football since the challenge flag, what happened to these guys? I’ll be happy to let you know that their careers amounted to nothing. Mark Sanchez started off his career with back to back AFC Championship appearances. After that, he became the laughing stalk of the league. Matt Lienart never became the quarterback people thought. The Heisman winner had a below average career and was only a name brought up in the same sentences that contained the words “bust” or “backup”. Matt Barkley road the bench his entire career. Barkley never saw the light of day as a starter and just followed in the footsteps of his fellow Trojan NFL quarterbacks.

Since the year 2002, USC has had nine different quarterbacks and has yet to produce a half decent one in the NFL. 2002 was Carson Palmer’s last season as a USC Trojan and we all know Carson Palmer had himself a nice career in the NFL. Sadly, Palmer never held the Lombardi trophy, but he still left his mark on the league. It’s no secret that the USC Trojans always get ranked high to start the season but never end up in the big game. The same goes for their quarterbacks. Always get named “Heisman hopefuls” or “Players to watch”, but we never end up seeing their name in  conversations at the end of the year. Sure they can have their “PAC-12 players of the year”, but everyone knows the PAC-12 is no SEC or BIGTEN.

The torch has now been past to our young rookie Sam Darnold. Darnold had himself a pretty decent two years at USC with the honors of Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year and Rose Bowl Offensive MVP his freshman year. Sam followed that with All Pac-12 First Team and Pac-12 Championship Game MVP in his final season. Sam Darnold has the same credentials as his former Trojans before him. Now, will NFL teams listen to these red flags, probably not seeing as though the teams that are in desperate need of a quarterback will take anyone at this point but these facts are to be taken into consideration. I hope the best for the young star, but I believe their is a gorilla on the back of Sam Darnold. A monkey would be an understatement.



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