Barney the Pup

Today, I bring you a quality pup:

This right here is Barney. He is two years and three months old. He’s a sneaky little bastard, I can tell you that much. Why is the picture blurry, you may ask? Cuz the son-of-a-gun doesn’t sit still for even a half second.

He is a playful little fluffer for sure, but he’s also a lover. He loves a good pat on the head or scratch of the ear.

Sitting at a solid fifteen inches in height and sixteen pounds, he is a quick ball of fury. Although small and stature, he has the presence of a Great Dane. He can fill up the room with warmth.

His interests include play fighting, running around the yard in an insane manner, and eating any food that is dropped on the floor.

A quality pupper for sure. Give him some love!


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