Darren Rovell. Terrible Actor, Weirder Guy

If Darren Rovell for one second thinks that this was believable, then he is the biggest moron on the entire planet. Talk about a minute and six seconds of uncomfortable content. I mean c’mon Darren, this was absolutely laughable.

The PA wanted absolutely nothing to do with this entire situation. He was just doing his job asking Rovell some questions before Hot Sauce “Got Heem.” After a basic “Are you ready?” question, Rovell rambled on and on about how he is going to retire Hot Sauce. Hilarious move by the PA for basically telling Rovell to just shut up by walking away mid answer.

Hot Sauce clearly didn’t want to waster his time on this forty year old weirdo. But hey, if the check doesn’t bounce, then might as well embarrass Rovell even more. I know guarding Hot Sauce is nearly impossible, but Rovell made this whole gimmick almost unwatchable. His knees and elbows refused to bend as if they were replaced with planks. A basic crossover spun him as if he were in a washing machine. That final “ankle breaking fall” was worse than Vince McMahon taking any bump in WWE today.

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This whole video made me cringe at least one thousand times. Take off the ridiculous uniform, and go back to talking about e-sports or make videos about your Twitter drafts. What a weird guy.

P.S. Hot Sauce is literally the only thing entertaining about the Hawks this season. Without him, I think like seven or eight fans would go to the games. Unfamiliar with Mr. Sauce’s work. Look no further.


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